Andreja Pavicevic | spider lamp
Andreja Pavicevic, design, designer, furniture, lamp, owls, drawings, andrejapavicevic, interior, interior designer, Montenegro, Serbia
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Spider lamp©  is a project designed in a collaboration with Marija Joksović. It is freestanding floor lamp. The inspiration for this piece was born as a result in experimenting with different contrast material, cool and warm, mostly metal and wood. This contrast is especially ephasized due to the verticality of the lamp. The lampshade without the “lampshade” concept was also a great inspiration. The wire consturction with a light bulb in the center creates an interesting game of light and shadows.

Exhibited in:

Belgrade, Serbia, Festival ,,Mikser“- Ghost project, 2014


*Available at Shamliza, Karadjordjeva 11, Belgrade, Serbia

 *At request


Photo © Mirko Nahmijas